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Customer Focus

Our first priority is to create value for our customers and respond to their expectations with quality and stability.


Mayla Lojistik, we take care to establish all relationships and communication, especially all employees and customers, on an open, transparent and reliable ground.


With the awareness that cooperation, mutual commitment, expertise and knowledge sharing are the basis of success, we consider teamwork as a guarantee of personal success and we support teamwork in all studies.


Adopting dynamic and flexible working as a principle, we work results-oriented and fast regardless of the conditions.


Our Policy

  • Our quality policy
    • Our First Priority Goal;

      o determine, perceive, fulfill our customers' current and future needs and expectations and to provide “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” in this way is not to meet a certain standard, but to become the leading institution that sets and constantly raises the standard in our industry. To achieve this goal;

      To increase the competence of our employees, who are voluntary practitioners of our quality policy, with planned training activities,

      Management of all our activities with targets,

      All parties involved in the effective use of communication tools; To have a mutual and continuous learning organization by ensuring the participation of customers, employees, suppliers and public institutions,

      To comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international regulations and laws while performing our services,

      Following purchasing policies that support the development of our cooperation with our suppliers,

      Implementing a Quality Assurance System in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, increasing and maintaining the effectiveness of this system, and expanding the goal of continuous improvement for all our activities.

      We adopted as our PRINCIPLES.

  • Our Environmental Policy
    • Mayla Global Lojistik Ltd. Şti. we, as the Environmental Management System, see life as a philosophy. Our aim is to be a pioneer in creating environmental awareness in our industry, to protect our global resources and to leave a clean world for future generations. With this aim in mind;

      Considering environmental management as an integral part of our business and using environmentally friendly materials in all our activities,

      Following encouraging and supportive policies to turn our employees into “GREEN CONSUMERS”,

      To minimize the environmental impact by improving our practices with our existing and new investments,

      To fulfill our sectoral and legal obligations on issues concerning our activities, to comply with ethical rules and national and international regulations,

      All interested parties; to increase the environmental sensitivity of our customers, suppliers and the public,

      Continuously improving and maintaining ISO 14001 Environmental Management System,

      To ensure the disposal of our wastes in accordance with their specifications, to support recycling and reuse and to keep environmental practices at the maximum level in order to prevent pollution,

      To ensure that our natural resources are used effectively, efficiently and sustainably, for this purpose, to follow all kinds of technological developments.

      We adopted as our PRINCIPLES.

  • Our Policy for Handling Complaints
    • As one of the leading actors in the industry,

      To comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international regulations and standards,

      To record all positive or negative feedback from our customers to improve our services, to evaluate and respond in time,

      Within the framework of the results of the examination regarding complaints that may arise from our services, to receive effective solutions to ensure customer satisfaction as soon as possible,

      To improve our services continuously by analyzing the feedback data collected from our customers,

      We adopted as our PRINCIPLES.

  • Information Security Policy
    • Mayla Global Lojistik Ltd. Şti. With the Information Security Management System; It is aimed to ensure business continuity and to minimize losses and risks arising from security breaches. With the "Information Security Policy and Practices", the privacy, integrity and usability of Mayla Global Logistics information assets will be protected.

      Confidentiality: The information should be accessible only to authorized persons,

      Integrity: Protecting the information from unauthorized changes and being aware of it when changed,

      Usability: Information is available to authorized users when needed.

      Mayla Global Lojistik Ltd. Şti. management, with the implementation of this policy:

      To comply with legal requirements,

      To comply with the provisions in the agreements with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers),

      To ensure that basic and supportive business activities continue with minimal interruption,

      Offering integrated logistics solutions safely and continuously

      To minimize any loss of income or opportunity arising from security incidents,

      Mayla Global Lojistik Ltd. Şti.’in maintaining its reputation and reliability,

      Creating competitive advantage,

      To be a reliable, innovative and professional company for all interested parties, including its customers, suppliers and employees,

      It adopts the principles of implementing an Information Security Management System in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard, increasing and maintaining the efficiency of this system, and expanding the goal of continuous improvement for all our activities.

      We adopted as our PRINCIPLES.